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About Us

Moneybiz is an economic news and information portal website, covering global economic trends but with emphasis on African financial, economic and business news. Using our collective experience in media, economics and finance, we look at the economic happenings around the world and across the continent, and offer our readers in the form of a simplified summary, an analytical glimpse of what is going on.

Using our tools like Biz Lingo, the Moneybiz online business dictionary, we are able to analyse the world of economics, business and financial markets and simplify it for ordinary business-minded, aspiring and entrepreneurial individuals. Our mission is to fill the gap left by a lack of information communication & technology (ICT), financial and economics literacy that governments across the African continent have been battling to fill.

Our services include:

  • Daily and Weekly African Financial, Economic and Business News
  • Business Intelligence on Africa
  • Economic Research on Africa
  • We simplify Content - Investor Reports, Shareholder Communiqués and any Information considered difficult or tricky for the Ordinary-Man.
  • Competitive Online Advertising.

Our contact details
Tel: +2711 480 4845
Mobile: +2783 299 1114
Fax: 0866 131 953

Physical Address
102 Vorster Avenue
Johannesburg, South Africa

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“We believe knowledge is power only when it is shared”.

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