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Moneybiz partners with Frost & Sullivan's SA office to bring you African financial, economic, business and trade research. To facilitate business in Africa, information is key. We believe that with a partnership of this nature, we can continue to offer our readers quality information about business in Africa, economics, trade and any other information about the sub-Saharan Africa this partnership might give birth to. For more info, please contact Patrick Cairns at Frost & Sullivan on patrick.cairns@frost.com or email us at info@moneybiz.co.za and we will gladly assist.

Co-generation in South Africa Set for Intense Growth The South African co-generation market is currently in its early development phase. However, current electricity problems, the growing prominence of more efficient technologies and the rising prices of fossil fuels will help create a highly lucrative industry for co-generation in South Africa. read more

Zambian Power Industry Set to Expand to Meet Rising Demand The Zambian government has embarked on efforts to develop its power industry to meet the rising demand for power. Efforts are underway to attract private companies to participate in the country as independent power producers (IPPs) or form public-private partnerships with the Zambian Government. read more

Mobile Internet Services Set to Grow as the Last Mile Solution in Africa The African mobile internet services market is set to expand due to the continent�s lack of sufficient fixed line infrastructure. Reduction in handset costs and internet service prices together with improved transmission speeds will boost demand for mobile Internet throughout the continent. read more

Government Support Critical to Establishing South African Biofuels Markets Although the South African biofuels markets are currently only theoretical, they offer several promising opportunities due to the government�s commitment to establishing the industry. However, delays in government decisions have dampened investments and will continue to hamper growth in the short term. read more

South Africa�s Open Source Software Market Builds on the Government�s Adoption of FOSS Policy South African Government to adopt a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) policy... read more

Nigerian Power Industry on a Growth Projectile Owing to Government�s Privatisation Efforts Nigerian power sector reforms are slowly breaking the state�s monopoly in the electricity industry. read more

Early Entrants Have Advantage in African Biofuels Markets The African biofuels industry is entering a period of extended growth. Despite various challenges and obstacles, in-depth understanding of current and future trading conditions will boost the chances of success and early entrants are positioned to make sizeable gains as these markets develop. read more

Growing Demand for Medical Devices in Africa An improving legal framework and increased funding for the healthcare industry are driving the medical devices market in sub-Saharan Africa. The market provides significant potential for companies that effectively establish sound relationships with key participants in the market and provide services oriented towards the development of the healthcare infrastructure. read more

Growth Opportunities in the African Business Telephony Market Investments by government and government-aided organisations, contact centre service providers and the primary sector are stimulating growth in the African business telephony market. In particular, multinational aid and international loans have helped governments finance secondary and tertiary sectors in the continent, creating a market for business telephony. read more

SA IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services Should Focus on SMMEs The South African IT infrastructure outsourcing market is fast developing into one of the country�s top growth sectors. While the imminent entry of new market participants, particularly the second national operator Neotel, will hasten growth, there is an urgent need to focus on the requirements of small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME) to capitalise on the growing opportunities in this flourishing sector. read more

Water Issues in Southern and East Africa Kindle Interest in Desalination Challenging water issues and the presence of substantial quantities of salt and brackish water are encouraging Southern, East African and Indian Ocean Island water managers to consider desalination technology as an alternative source of fresh water. Moreover, the growing demand for potable and industry-quality water is increasingly leading both governments and private organisations to adopt this technology. read more

Untapped African Internet Market offers Growth Potential The growth rate of Internet usage in Africa is in the double digits. However, such growth has been predicated on a narrow base, with the overall number of Internet users remaining limited. Low penetration rates indicate a huge potential market available for Internet services. read more

Economic Growth and Donor Aid Driving the African Healthcare Industry. The healthcare industries on the African continent have been poorly understood and investigated. As a result, the African pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors are essentially untapped. read more

Emerging Mobile Broadband Technologies Poised to Revolutionise the Wireless Industry Next generation mobile broadband technologies including 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE), xMax and Mobile WiMAX hold the promise of transforming the mobile broadband landscape. Carriers are increasingly investigating the potential of these emerging technologies as a means to sustain their profitability and boost average revenue per user (ARPU) read more

Is that a medical device in your pocket? Healthcare is a major issue in South Africa, with interest and impact in the political, sociological and economical spheres. The health of a nation is considered to be its greatest wealth and the cornerstones of any healthcare system are the quality of pharmaceutical products and medical devices that utilized within it. In Africa the quality of the product can often either cure you or kill you... read more

Demand for Additional Memory Creates Opportunities for HC SIMs. High capacity (HC) SIM cards have evoked huge interest across the world. Mobile network operators (MNOs) are keenly relying on this new product to boost revenues and increase their subscriber base... read more

Improved Services Needed from A&C; Suppliers in Metals and Mining. The African metal and mining industry�s ambitious plans augur well for automation and control solutions (ACS) suppliers. The high global demand for minerals and rising commodity prices have a positive impact on the once unprofitable African mines and end-users are increasingly investing surplus revenues in ACS to improve productivity. read more

South Africa�s IT Infrastructure Market to Continue Healthy Growth South Africa�s IT infrastructure outsourcing market will continue to grow, but it will need to focus on the requirements of the SMME sector in order to effectively capitalise on existing opportunities. Recent research by Frost & Sullivan found that the South African IT infrastructure outsourcing market earned revenues of between $2.78 billion and $3.5 billion in 2006 and estimates that this will reach $5.6 billion in 2012... read more

Media Consumption to Gain Momentum from Mobile Data Services. Over the last two years, much of the attention on convergence has focused on the technological aspects, namely application, service, device and network. The previous one-way flow of content to consumers has morphed into a two-way connection of content and feedback... read more

Positive prospects for VSAT in the Middle East and Africa. With telephony carriers aiming to reach out to the underserved rural areas of the Middle East and Africa, very small aperture terminal (VSAT) technology is rapidly gaining prominence. According to new research from global growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan, VSAT has become the technology of choice among satellite solution providers for being the most effective solution for providing connectivity to rural areas, where terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure is inadequate... read more

The Voice market is changing for good. he telephony market is changing, and it�s likely to be changing for good. The new muscle men on the voice scene are now applications vendors�specifically Microsoft and IBM�that want to migrate their existing customers to voice applications... read more

Tele-mammography: Would it help discover more breast cancers? Breast cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer worldwide. It affects over a million people every year and is the second highest cancer-related cause of death for women across the globe. The number of breast cancer cases also continues to rise as life expectancy is improving everywhere and the incidence of cancer increases steeply with age... read more

Frost & Sullivan�s SA office extends consultancy�s global presence. CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA � Global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan recently broadened its global presence by opening a new office in Cape Town, South Africa. The office will serve the sub-Saharan African region... read more

Surging Demand for Mobile Communications in Africa. The African telecommunications market will continue to experience significant growth as new subscribers are signed up and mobile operators introduce new services. Even while continued conflicts across the region will make investments in the industry relatively risky, it will still remain one of the most lucrative and exciting industries in which to be involved... read more

Renewable Energy Equipment Market set for Spectacular Growth in SA Although the South African renewable energy equipment market is still small, it is poised for spectacular growth. Research conducted by global growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan found that current market dynamics are such that the increased demand for electricity in general, and renewable energy technologies in particular, will drive growth... read more

SA Uninterruptible Power Supply Market Appeals to Investors. As news of anticipated growth in the South African uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market continues to spread, responsive international companies are adjusting their strategies to focus on this market. Despite offering profitable opportunities, the South African UPS market remains highly competitive. Global growth consultancy Frost & Sullivan believes that only companies with focused strategies will be able to grab a sizeable share of this attractive market... read more




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