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Nickey Mannya

Africa�s Self-Worth � Time to rebuild BRAND AFRICA
Posted by Nickey Mannya on August 24 09

I am a fan of technological advancements, gadgets and the likes. The unfortunate part for me is that most of these advancements do not come out of my beloved mo…

Nickey Mannya
Nickey Mannya

Obama has spoken, Africa Look Within!
Posted by Nickey Mannya on July 13 09

I am taking from Nelson Mandela, in his 46664 campaign says to the masses that the future and the defeat of HIV/AIDS is in our hands. I am relived if not feeli…

Nickey Mannya
Valentino Aly

Return to Rhodesia
Posted by Valentino Aly on February 27 09

When USD 250 000 is said to be spent for an 85 year old's birthday from an ailing country (which is currently negotiating some USD 5 billion aid), what do you t…

Valentino Aly
Victor Kgomoeswana

Africa, Start Planning a Massive Restoration for Zim
Posted by Victor Kgomoeswana on February 27 09

It is hard to say "I told you so". This is what Victor Kgomoeswana said some time ago 2nd January 2007 to be exact, look at whatis currently manifesting...


Victor Kgomoeswana
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